In addition to 1-2-1 and group Fighter’s Mind coaching sessions, I also run Workshops to Gyms and Academies.
Workshops run anything from half day to a full day, and can be customised to suit the needs of the athletes.

Fighter’s Mind Fundamentals

Fighter's Mind Workshop

This workshop is aimed at athletes to teach a solid foundation in the core principles and techniques of Fighter’s Mind. Listed below is the material covered in the workshop:

  • Introduction to Mental Performance training
  • The Importance Goals and how to structure them
  • Identity of a Combat Athlete
  • Training & Learning ‘thoughtfully’
  • The structure of effective Visualisation & Mental Rehearsal
  • Building your perfect fight state
  • Personifying Perfection
  • Dealing with loss, failure and hardship
  • Coping strategies for nerves, fear and anxiety
  • Your silent partner –  the role of the Subconscious
  • Hypnosis – turbo charged meditation

The workshop includes  group discussion, practical exercises, audience involvement and learning review.

Additional Private sessions can be included into the day for your team – available by booking beforehand

Cost: dependant on number of attendees, but always great value.

To book or discuss what is covered call 07903 713234 or email

If you’re a Fight Coach or Martial Arts Instructor….

If you’re a Fight Coach or Martial Arts Instructor and want to get better results for your camp, team or academy, you should read this.

You know what it’s like, You’ve got a promising fighter or student coming up through the ranks, but there’s this thing about him that is niggling you.

Let’s face it it’s holding him back,

You’ve tried to motivate him using all the tools in your motivational toolbox but he’s not getting it and is hitting a wall in his progress and just lacks confidence on one area.

There are two things you could do in this case. You could send the fighter to me to work with him, or you yourself can come for sessions and allow me to mentor you in the ways of Fighter’s Mind. You’ll pick them up fast, because I teach the principles in an easy to understand way, and you don’t need to use any jargon (in fact the less you use the better).

This will empower you to be the one who provides what your fighter or student needs to get through most of the issues he may be facing.

For a FREE no obligation discussion on the subject, call me on 07903 713234 or email me here